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Nursery Times and Sessions

The day begins at 8.30am, with toast, fruit and yogurt for breakfast. The school gates will be open from 8.25am.

Please meet your child’s teacher at Ash classroom door.

It is important to be on time so that your child benefits as much as possible. We do have small group phonic sessions starting soon after the morning begins which are extremely important to your children’s development.


Please note: The doors and gates will be closed at 8.45am, after which time you must take your child to the school office where they will be marked as late.


Please say goodbye to your child when you hand them over to the class teacher at the classroom door. This is because the classroom is not big enough to facilitate all the children and parents/carers passing through. This also helps to encourage routine and independence in your child.

Please feel free to approach staff at the door with any queries or information before the day begins.


The morning session includes a small group phonics session at 8:45am followed by activity time. Activity time is separated by a short English input, a short Maths input, time in the outdoor area.

Most Nursery age children leave school at 11:45, but some stay for the whole school day.

If you think your child may be eligible to stay at school all day, please click the link below: