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About Our Nursery

Meet the team:

At Baildon Glen, the Early Years, Ash Class comprises of a two-year period; Nursery and Reception. After which your child will join Key Stage One. Your child may have previously attended a private nursery, Childminders or another school nursery. Wherever your child is joining us from they will each access a varied curriculum to help them progress in their learning journey.


The Early Years Curriculum is divided into seven areas of learning;

The first three areas are known as ‘Prime’ areas:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development-

Developing independence, confidence, co-operating, sharing, taking turns and showing respect.

Communication and Language-

Developing speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Physical Development-

Learning how to use equipment, balance and co-ordination.

There are an additional four ‘Specific’ areas:


Developing counting, adding, taking away, problem solving, positions, shapes and patterns.


Encouraging the children to link sounds and letters and be able to read and write.

Understanding the World-

Developing knowledge of the world around us including History, Geography, Science, and Design Technology.

Expressive Arts and Design-

Enabling children to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials.

We carry out observations of children to assess skills and ensure we are providing them with the opportunity to develop in every area. Some of these will be shared with you on Class Dojo. We will give you information on how to sign up for this free website and app.